Personal Video Memoirs

Personal Video MemoirsTypically an hour-long interview produces the personal video memoir. This can be enriched with photos and press-cuttings to give a documentary effect. Detailed preparation can produce a written autobiography as well.

Why your Life Story on Video?
Writing an autobiography is no easy task.  Recording an interview on video achieves the same purpose in a personal, intimate, visual form. A life of stories makes a ‘life story’.  In a 60-minute interview.  Easy for family and friends to watch and enjoy. In an era when many people still passively watch TV instead of talking, those untold stories from the past can come to life in a Personal Video Memoir.  The lives of ordinary people prove to be extraordinary.

An Ideal Gift for Major Milestones
A birthday, anniversary, or retirement can be enhanced by the presentation of a Personal Video Memoir.  Family members (or colleagues in a company) have the opportunity to arrange for a Personal Video Memoir to be made in time for the big occasion.  Celebrating the life of an individual by looking back on their achievements can bring great pleasure and satisfaction to all concerned.

The Method
Using a simple, high-quality video-camera, the Memoirs On Camera interviewer asks the client to piece together the story of their life so far.  This conversation aims to place the milestones, and illustrate the person’s journey in between.  Stories, reflections, and convictions make up the very personal account of the subject’s life-experience to date.

The Finished Product
Following the recording of the interview, an edited ‘draft’ (with opening and closing captions) is presented to the client.  After final approval, the DVDs included in the package are produced and delivered to the client.

Personal Video MemoirsThe Preparation
The person who is the subject of the interview is given a framework to consider.

This includes a questionnaire to fill out in advance of the first meeting with the Memoirs On Camera interviewer, if the client finds this helpful. 

During this meeting, the interview is sketched out, based on the notes that the person has made, and a suitable location and date for the recording agreed.

Making It Happen
If you would like to discuss the recording of the life story of a family member or friend, please get in touch today.